Before I get to the epiphany I had, let me preface that my wife and I are the proud owners of The Elder-Williams Pet Sanctuary. The sanctuary houses cats (Elle, Moxy, Sissy, Kitty Kat, and occasionally Heinte), and a dog (Rocky). On the fireplace mantel rests the remains of Charlie (beloved pooch), and Angel (beloved kitty). In the backyard is a cemetery plot on a beautiful mound with plants and flowers where Mr. Bunny is laid and memorialized. All of whom were rescued from some predicament or another. All of them cried out for help looking for a place just to call home and a family to be part of. All of them taken in with love and care.

They get the best food we can give them, and one is on a diet that requires special food. Morning feeding time is 5 am, earlier if Sissy wills it. Any later than that, we have the unfortunate possibility of a kitty (Sissy), pouncing on our heads. If the victim is my wife, it ends with her pulling Sissy in closer for a morning snuggle, which allows her to get a few more minutes of rest. If I am the victim, it ends with me tossing Sissy on the other side of the bed while I pull, what I am sure of, is hair from my face and the inside of my mouth, gasping with indignation (laugh).

The last kitty taken in, we found at our sliding glass door after returning from Europe. Apparently, she got the memo that if you are abandoned and need help, our address is the place you go to get that help. I really believe my wife’s name is on a virtual care list that only critters have access to, because after vet bill we were her proud new owners and Moxie moved into the house. Now, 10 months later, Moxie has still not been accepted into the head (Elle and Sissy), and we have to keep the 2 camps apart, only integrating them under watchful eyes. Sometimes it makes meal time a hair pulling experience but always an entertaining one. Think, hungry predators circling you purring, barking, and jumping (laugh). At least, In that moment, their mission is unified, and that is to eat! I am sure you get the picture!

Their healthcare is better than people utilizing The Affordable Health Care Act. They cannot be turned down by insurance (us), they have many doctors to choose from, and they have us to worry about the level of care they receive.

That brings me to my story. A usual trip to Petco to replenish cat litter started out as normal. Browsing the aisles to see if there were interesting toys, checking out the current food selection, the newest fashion trends for Rocky, and the usual passing by the cat adoption center with me telling my wife, “Honey, the Inn is full!!!”, and her getting a pouty  face.

There is usually at least one kitty that stands out from the rest. It’s that one kitty that is crying out more for attention than the others. This one usually implores the “cute factor’ to such a degree, you have to stop and say “ah, she is so cute”!  If there are other people standing around also saying “ah, she is so cute”, it increases the cat’s desirability and authority over the others in your mind. This situation usually ends up with an adoption taking place.


It was in this moment that I had an epiphany. This is what I see on a daily basis when I am consulting with businesses on their marketing and Internet Lead Generation Strategies. Many businesses seem content with just slumming in their cages waiting for a prospective buyer that is not really savvy enough to notice the business’s dull armor.

The problem with this strategy is that there is no correlation with a prospective buyers’ savviness and the business’s “cute factor”. You see, people buy because of emotions and justify that purchase with logic. They do not first say “logically this makes the most sense, now let me muster up the feeling of wanting it”.  It’s only after they have decided to buy that their savvy starts justifying that decision with logic.

It matters not whether your business is real estate, mortgage, home improvement, home repair, a restaurant, a store, a professional service, or business opportunities, the need for you to get noticed, attract potential customers and make a sale is the same.

Getting Noticed

The process of getting noticed, generating leads of prospective buyers and eventually sales, is what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This entails what I call, the 5 Pillars of SEO. They are:

  • Online Directories
  • Keywords
  • On-site Optimization
  • Content Generation
  • Link Building

Online Directories are the foundation of SEO. If your business is not showing up in the Top Online Directories, your authority typically is not very high in the eyes of Google, Bing or Yahoo and thus they are not sending your business very much traffic. Traffic turns into leads and leads turn into sales. Get the picture?

Steps To Take

To solve this problem, the first step is to check your business’s online visibility with our Online Visibility Tool. This tool checks the top Data Aggregators and the Top 50 Online Business Directories to see how noticeable you are.

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The second step is to register for one of our upcoming Webinars called “Increasing Traffic and Leads Using The Power Of Online Business Directories” where I will reveal The 15 Top Online Directories, and how to submit and optimize your listings with them for maximum visibility.

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If you do not want to do this yourself you can look at our ”Done-For-You” packages that allow you to save your time while letting us do all the heavy lifting.

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Either way, if you ever want a chance of generating traffic and sales online, this must be done and done effectively.

Wishing You Much Success,

Leon C. Williams

Targeted Lead Systems


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